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Sift Healthcare Improves Your Payments Intelligence

Sift approaches propensity to pay and payments management in a whole new way.

Patient profiles for healthcare propensity to pay

Better Scoring

Sift moves beyond a credit score and uses historical data to provide a more accurate prediction of payment.

Sift's payment management is compliant under government regulation

Regulatory Compliance

Sift's scoring and payments management tools provide safe harbor segmentation, ensuring regulations under ECOA the FDCPA and state laws are followed.

Dynamic workflow recommendations for healthcare payments

Dynamic Recommendations

Sift identifies who will pay as well as how much they will pay and when they will pay. Sift provides recommendations for contact method, frequency and payment structure.

Pinpoint where your team can make enhancements to increase dollars collected from after-insurance patient payments.


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Healthcare Needs A New Model For Propensity To Pay

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